Grant Sherson


Work Profile

Education and Training

With close to thirty years in education related positions, I have significant experience in:

  • Effective learning
  • Curriculum design
  • Learning materials development
  • eLearning
  • Adult education
  • Training solutions
  • Learning management systems
  • Education technology support


An experienced manager having worked as head of school, service manager, training manager, dealer manager, and a team leader (managing a cross disciplinary team in a polytechnic). Knowledge and experience of management requirements such as:

  • Planning (including institutional strategic planning, goal setting)
  • Budgeting (including forecasting and reporting)
  • Personnel management (including recruitment, team building, and performance appraisal)
  • Client management (both sales and support)
  • Project management (including resource development projects, and task management)
  • Communication (including interpersonal, intercultural, computer-computer, and human-computer)


Along with a proven track record of good management, I have a reputation for combining creative organisational development solutions with high levels of personal integrity.
I have personally completed projects requiring work in:

  • Software Development
  • Computer programming
  • Systems development
  • Database design
  • Data manipulation
  • Video filming and editing
  • Website design and development.
  • Graphic design
  • Animation
  • Learning object design and development
  • eLearning course design and development

My skills and experience are suited to teaching and training in the digital media field. Also competent with work involving the management of teams developing resources or supporting the use of technology.
Any work requiring a high level of technical expertise and understanding yet the ability to convey information effectively to others and motivate excellence.